Neutron Shielding Analysis for a Spent Fuel Container Using XSDRN, ONEDANT and MCNP Codes

XSDRN, ONEDANT및 MCNP에 의한 사용후 핵연료 용기의 중성자 차폐 해석

  • Published : 1989.06.20


Neutron shielding for a spent fuel container was analized using the Monte Carlo code MCNP coupled with discrete ordinates codes, XSDRN and ONEDANT. The ORIGEN-S code was used to determine the fixed neutron source, and the spectral source information for MCNP were obtained from a 10 group XSDRN calculation and a 27 group ONEDANT calculation. When the depleted uranium shield was used, the results from ONEDANT and XSDRN calculations agreed with the MCNP results within 10% and 20%, respectively. Depleted uranium appears more effective than lead or steel as a neutron shield.