A Control Room Dose Assessment for a 1300 MWe PWR Following a Loss of Coolant Accident

냉각재(冷却材) 상실사고시(喪失事故時) 1300 MWe 급(級) PWR원전(原電) 주제어실(主制御室)의 선량평가(線量評價)

  • Published : 1989.06.20


The habitability of a reactor control room in a French 1300 MWe P'4 type PWR has been evaluated through the exposure dose assessment for the reactor operator following a Loss of Coolant Accident. The main hypotheses adopted in this evaluation are based on the French Standard Safety Analysis Report. A simple computer program, named COREX(Control Room EXposure), was developed to calculate : the time-integrated radioactivities released from the reactor building, the volume factors for radionuclides concerned and the resulting time-integrated external whole body and internal thyroid doses to the reactor operators staying in the control room up to 30 days following the LOCA. The results obtained in this study, on the whole, well agreed with those proposed by the EDF(Electricite de France) except for the case of the whole body exposure, which was attributed to the differences in the volume factors for the radionuclides concerned.