Development of Seismic Recorder for Long-term Observation of Microearthquakes

미소지진(微小地震) 장기관측(長期觀測)을 위한 지진기록계(地震記錄計)의 개발(開發)

  • Published : 1988.04.30


A two channel seismic recorder suitable for long-term observation of microearthquakes is developed. The direct analogue recording on cassette tape is adopted in the recorder whose circuits of amplifier and mortor units of an audio cassette recorder are modified. The recorder provides contineous record of 10 days with DC 12V battery (100AH) and with standard cassette tape of 60 minute use. The binary coded time signals of date, hour, and minute are generated once a minute by the timing system and absolute time input using radio to measure the time drift is also possible. For the seismic signal processing, the analogue signals from audio cassette player pass A/D converter and digitized data are stored in personal computer. Then visual records can be obtained using computer graphic mode. Basic programs "ADCONVO" and "DRAWO" to accomplish A/D conversions, the creation of data files and visualization of signals were written. Some sample signals reproduced from the recorded tape are presented.