Thermal and Mineralogical Characterization of Ca-Montmorillonite from Gampo Area

감포지역(甘浦地域) Ca-몬모릴로나이트의 열적(熱的) 및 광물학적(鑛物學的) 특성(特性)

  • Published : 1988.04.30


Ten under 2 micron size fractions of the montmorillonite from Yongdongri area, Gyeongsangbug-Do were studied using X-ray powder diffraction, cation exchange measurement, differential thermal analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, differential thermal scanning calorimetry and chemical analysis. Montmorillonites occurring at same deposit show limited variation in chemical composition whereas in thermal properties they do not. Their dehydroxylation endothermic peaks are "abnormal" type with a small range of variation of peak temperature reflecting tetrahedral substitution of Al for Si. Data from DSC show that divalent-cation saturated montmorillonite has relatively a higher endothermic heat capacity than monovalent-cation saturated montmorillonite, indicating that cations with higher electronegativity hold more water molecules.