K-Ar age of the Tin-bearing Pegmatite In Sungyeong Mine

순경(順鏡) 함주석(含朱錫) 페그마타이트의 K-Ar연령(年齡)

  • Published : 1988.04.30


A muscovite and a sericite altered from plagioclase taken from the Sungyeong tin-bearing pegmatite near the Sangdong mine are dated by K-Ar method. The muscovite and the sericite yield $1546.94{\pm}29.4\;Ma$ and $187.80{\pm}4.19\;Ma$,respectively. The muscovite age can be assumed to become younger than the previously reported K-Ar muscovite ages of the pegmatites around this area, because radiogenic argon in the muscovite could be partially lost by the heat of later hydrothermal activities which caused the plagioclase to be sericitized in the Jurassic time (about 190 Ma).