The role of organic matter associated with uranium mineralization

우라늄 광화작용(鑛化作用)에 기여(寄與)하는 유기물질(有機物質)의 역할(役割)

  • Published : 1988.06.30


As a factor which can help to understand the genesis of (mata) sedimentary and/or hydrothermal uranium depisits, an interpretation of the role of organic matter associated with uranium mineralization, was attempted with the literature published up to the end of 1986. Laboratory studies, in which diageneis and metamorphism are artificially simulated, can help to elucidate how uranium with particular organic materials are formed and destroyed. Similarly, research involving a variety of techniques is needed to characterize both the soluble organic extracts (bitumen) and the insoluble organic matter (kerogen), separated from uranium ores and associated rocks. In the presence of clay minerals and amorphous oxy-hydroxde minerals, an understanding of the role of organic matter must be prudent and may require the incorporation of multidisciplinary approach (mineralogy, inorganic geochemistry ...).