Influence of Liming on Sr90 Uptake by Rice Plant

수도(水稻)의 Sr90 흡수(吸收)에 대한 석회시용(石灰施用) 효과(效果)

  • Published : 1988.12.30


Pot experiment was conducted to determine the influence of liming on the uptake of $Sr^{90}$ by rice plant. The effect of lime application on the yield of rice plant has approved small slight increase of yield at the level of 150kg/10a only. Liming depressed the nutrient uptake of Mg, K, N and $P_2O_5$ except Ca by the rice plant. The $Sr^{90}$ content of rice plant diminished with increased lime application until to 300kg/10a. At the low pH and exchangeable Ca content of the soil, $Sr^{90}$ uptake of rice plant was high.