The Effects of Barley Straw on the Eluviation of Components in the Submerged Paddy Soil

보릿짚시용(施用)이 논 토양성분(土壤成分)의 용탈(溶脫)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1988.12.30


This study was carried out to investigate the effects of barley straw application on the eluviation of components in submerged paddy soil percolated. The chemical components of soil, percolated water and humus fraction were as follows. $NH{^+}_4$-N in percolated water and soil, $NO{^-}_3$- N in soil were not detected after prime tillering stage by absorption of rice plant. Phosphate was not affected by the application but a little amount was eluviated through a whole period. Eluviation phase of $Ca^{{+}{+}}$ was similar to $Mg^{{+}{+}}$ and the changes of $K^+$, $Na^+$ and $Cl^-$ were almost same patterns, whereas the amount of these eluviated elements in plot applied was higher than non-applied. In the plot applied, eluviation of $SO{^{-2}}_4$ was low during the tillering stage but high after heading stage, whereas the whole amount of eluviation was high during the tillering stage. Eluviation of iron in the plot applied was increased rapidly. Humus type was almost same as type B in the plot applied or not after harvest, and contents of humic acid was about 60 percent.