Adsorption of Urease on Zeolite

Zeolite 에 의(依)한 Urease 의 흡착(吸着)

  • Choi, Jung (College of Agriculture Kyung-Book National University) ;
  • Park, Man (College of Agriculture Kyung-Book National University)
  • 최정 (경북대학교 농과대학) ;
  • 박만 (경북대학교 농과대학)
  • Published : 1988.12.30


The urease adsorption on zeolite and the various properties of adsorbed urease were investigated to find out the influence of zeolite on activity and properies of urease. Free urease in solution was adsorbed on zeolite untill the max. adsorption, and the amount of max. adsorption was 11.3mg urease/100mg zeolite at pH 7.0. It is apparent that free urease was adsorbed on the outer surface of zeolite by cation exchange reaction, and more than 70% of urease adsorption was adsorbed within 30 min. The activity of adsorbed urease was decreased by 89.6%, whereas Km value was increased to 34.4mM, which is higher than that of free urease. The optimum pH of adsorbed urease was widened 6.5 to 7.0, compared to that of free urease 7.0. The resistance of urease to protease became weaker by adsorption, however substrate specificity and thermal stability were not affected.