Fundamental Studies on the Migrating Course of Fish Around the Set Net ( 3 ) - Statistic Analysis for the Catch of Set Net -

정치망어장의 어도형성에 관한 기초연구 ( 3 ) - 어획자료의 통계적 분석 -

  • Published : 1988.06.01


The authors analyzed the daily catch data which were obtained from two different regions at the Southern Sea in Korea, Neungpo, Geoje island and Yangwhagum, Namhae island, during three or four years in 1978, 1981-1985, in order to know the fishing characteristics of the set net fisheries. The favorable fishing season was summer in the southern sea. The total catches during one year were greatly affected by those several day when the dominant species of fish were caught in large quantities. The dominant species of fish at Neungpo were little horse mackerel, sand lance, sardine, hair tail, spanish mackerel and common mackerel, and those at Yangwhagun were anchovy, little horse mackerel, sardine, spanish mackerel and gizzard shad, in order of catch. Especially, the little horse mackerel and the sardine appeared to make up very big schools at both Neungpo and Yangwhagum. The occurrence seasons of the dominant species were different by the region, but generally those were earlier at western part than at eastern part of the Southern Sea in Korea.