The abundant presence of nonpolyadenylated SV40 late 19S spliced RNA in the nucleus of monkey cell

Poly A tail을 결핍한 Simian virus 40 spliced RNA의 세포내 분포

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  • Mertz, Janet (McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research,University of Wisconsin)
  • 노정혜 (서울대학교 자연과학대학 미생물학과) ;
  • Published : 1988.06.01


We have examined the structures and cellular distributions of the SV40 late RNAs present in monkey cells at late times after infection. One particular RNA species, spliced at residue 373(373-RNA), was found to be as abundant as the major late 16S RNAs. This result was unexpected since previous reports showed that the molecular ratio of the 373-spliced 19S RNA to 16S RNA is approximately 0.1 among either cytoplasmic polyadenylated or polysomal viral RNAs. Both sedimentation and electrophoretic analysis indicated that the 373-RNA was approximately 16S to 19S in size. Therefore, it was not a splicing intermediate or the product of premature termination of transcription within the late leader region. Whereas most SV40 late 16S RNA is polyadenylated and located in the cytoplasm, the majority of 373-RNA was found to lack poly A, and be located in the nucleus.


SV40 late RNAs;Poly;Poly A(-) spliced RNA;mRNA tiransport;S1muclease mapping