A Study of NOx Removal in Flue Gas by Selective Catalytic Reduction

선택적 촉매환원법에 의한 배기가스중 NOx 저감에 관한 연구

  • 박해경 (연세대학교 화학공학과) ;
  • 김경림 (연세대학교 화학공학과) ;
  • 최병선 (한국전력공사 기술연구원) ;
  • 이인철 (한국동력자원 연구소) ;
  • 최익수 (한국동력자원 연구소)
  • Published : 1988.12.01


NOx is an important air pollution material which is generated when fossil fuels are burning, NOx removal in flue gas by selective catalytic reduction was studied over various catalysts in a fixed bed continuous flow reactor. The ranges of experimental conditions were at the temperatures between $200^\circ$C and $350^\circ$C, the $NH_3/NOx$ mole ratios between 0.8 and 1.4, oxygen concentrations between 1.5% and 3% and the space velocities between 5, 000 $hr^-1$ and 12, 500 $hr^-1$. The efficiency of NOx removal in the ranges of experimental conditions was highest at the temp. of 300$^\circ$C, oxygen concentration of 2.5-2.6% and $NH_3/NOx$ mole ratios of 1.0-1.2. The catalyst with high activity for NOx removal in flue gas was found to be $MoO_3-V_2O_5/TiO_2$.