The Effect of Ginseng Saponin Fractions with Thyroid Hormone Secretion Regulatory Agents on cAMP Level in Cultured Rat Thyroid Glands

갑상선호르몬 분비조절물질과 인삼성분의 복합처리가 갑상선세포의 cAMP 양에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1988.12.01


When ginseng saponin fractions were treated with secretion regulatory agents, it increased cAMP level at the case of thyrotropin (but the amounts were small). Total saponin increased cAMP level at DEcAMP and isoproterenol, and decreased the level at carbachol and propranolol, but at NaF it had little effect. When diol saponin or triol saponin were treated with secretion regulatory agents, biol saponin decreased cAMP level but triol saponin increased it except for isoproterenol. Also, in propra%olol, which inhibits the increase of CAMP level, diol and triol saponin showed crossing effect, too. From the above results, ginseng saponin fractions are believed that it has the, effects of promotion or inhibition on cAMP production in the thyroid , both diol saponin and triol saponin have crossing effect on thyroid hormone secretion regulatory agents. The normalizatin action of ginseng saponin fractions is notable at the case of NaF and carbachol.