An Illustration of ‘茶’(tea) Inscription in Epigraphs’

금석문(金石文)에 나타난 ‘차(茶)’ 자소고(字小考)

  • Published : 1988.03.30


An epigraph is an inscription mainly on a metal or stone monument, but some cases on bones or tortoise carapaces, ceramics, and coins. The '茶' inscriptions in 251 epigraphs in Korea are on 16 monuments, one tile, and one ceramic. By kingdom 5 belongs to shilla and 13 to Korea. The first '茶' inscription in on the Changsung-Tap of Borimsa Temple in Changhung-Kun, Chullanam-Do, which was established in 884 A.D. Religiously most of them are related to Buddism. Tea was most valued among valuables like gold, perlume, beads, etc. and so bestowed by kings. The study of epigraphs shows that our tea culture had most prospered diring the Kingdoms of Shilla and Korea.