Determination of Spectrum-Exposure Rate Conversion Factor for a Portable High Purity Germanium Detector

휴대형 고순도 게르마늄검출기에 대한 스펙트럼-조사선량율 변환연산자의 결정

  • Published : 1988.12.20


A spectrum-exposure rate conversion operator G(E) for a portable HPGe detector used for field environmental radiation survey was theoretically developed on the basis of a space distribution function of gamma flux emitted from a disk source and an areal efficiency of the detector. The radiation exposure rates measured using this G(E) and the portable HPGe. detector connected to a portable multichannel analyzer were compared with those measured by a 3' ${\phi}\;{\times}$3' NaI(Tl) scintillation detector with the reported G(E) and a pressurized ionization chamber. A comparison of the three results showed that the result obtained using the HPGe detector was lower than those determined using the NaI(Tl) detector and ionization chamber by 17% to 29%, The difference obtained is close to that reported in literature. The method developed here can be easily applicable to obtain a G(E) factor suitable to any detector for detecting the exposure rate of environmental gamma radiation, since the spectrum-exposure rate conversion operator can be calculated by a hand calculator.