The Stopping Power and Cross-section Measurement of $\alpha$-particle in Ar, He and $N_2$ gases

Ar, He 및 $N_2$ 가스의 $\alpha$-입자 저지능과 저지 단면적 측정

  • Published : 1988.12.20


The energy losses of ${\alpha}$-particle with 3 to 5.4 MeV energy were measured as a function of gas absorber thickness and ${\alpha}$-particle energy in three light gaseous media; He, Ar, and $N_2$. The stopping powers and stopping cross-sections were determined by analyzing these data. For Ar gas, the experimental values are very well consistent with the corresponding values of Srivastava's stopping-power theory with the condition of the completely and partially stripped ion. For $N_2$ and He gases, these experimental values express the inconsistencies of about $13{\sim}36%$ and $27{\sim}28%$, respectively.