An experimental study on measurement of combustion rate of combustible substances

가연성(可燃性) 물질(物質)의 중량(重量) 연소속도(燃燒速度) 측정(測定)에 관(關)한 실험적(實驗的) 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1987.09.30


A study was performed on combustion rates of three kinds of combustible substances under a few different combustion conditions. To measure the combustion rates by weight method, I contrived an apparatus using a sensitive load cell. The experimental results by the combustion tests of various combustible substances shows that the combustion circumstances, eg., air supply condition and the existence of flammable oil. And it is found that the time constant T in case of oil absence is smaller than that in case of oil existence, and the time constant T in case of enforced air-entrained condition is greater that in case of natural air-entrained condition.