Negative Induced Polarization Responses over a Layered Earth

층상대지의 음수 유도분극 응답

  • Kim, Hee Joon (Department of Applied Geology, National Fisheries University)
  • Published : 1987.06.30


Negative induced polarization (IP) responses are examined for a three-layered earth using a digital linear filter method. The negative IP response can occur when the geoelectric section is of type K or Q. The section of type K creates a more pronounced negative effect than that of type Q. For such sections, IP coefficients are determined as a function of the resistivity distribution and the electrode configuration, and only the IP coefficient of the first layer can be negative. As a result, the negative IP response can occur when the first layer is polarizable in the section of type K or Q. and the polarizabilities of the other layers can act to depress the negative response.