A Study on the Characteristics of Humic Materials Extracted from Plant Residues (composts) -II. Oxygen-containing Functional Groups and Infrared (IR) Spectra of Fulvic Acid Fractions

식물성(植物性) 유기물질(有機物質)의 부숙과정중(腐熟過程中) 부식특성(腐植特性)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) -II. Fulv 산중(酸中)에 함유(含有)되어 있는 효소함유작용기(酵素含有作用基)와 적외선(赤外線) spectrum

  • Published : 1987.12.30


Fulvic acids extracted from seven plant materials were tested. The IR spectra and the data obtained from chemical analyses in terms of oxygen-containing functional groups complemented one another. Selected samples covered straws of grain crops (rice, barley, wheat and rye), hay of wild grass, and leaves of trees (deciduous and coniferous). 1. No significant variation in IR spectra of fulvic acids was observed among samples taken from different plant residues and at different stages of humification. 2. Oxygen-containing functional goups, such as carboxyls, phenolics, alcoholics, carbonyls, and quinones were identified on IR spectra and confirmed by chemical analyses. 3. The acidity of fulvic acids was directly related with the content of carboxyl groups. 4. Alcoholic hydroxyl groups predominated over phenolic hydroxyls. 5. The major part of fulvic acid structure appeared to be strongly aliphatic in many respects of chemical characteristics.