A Fact-finding Study on the Gravesites on the Viewpoint of Landuse in Goryeong Area, Gyeongbug

토지이용면(土地利用面)에서 본 경북(慶北) 고령지역(高靈地域)의 묘지실태(墓地實態)에 관(關)한 조사연구(調査硏究)

  • Published : 1987.12.30


The survey was carried out in the Goryeong area in Gyeongbug province to point out the hinderances of grave increment on the development of hilly to mountainous area and to give basic data to improve the entombment custom. The total extent of gravesite in the area was mapped 148ha which were 0.4% of total area and 1.8% of arableland respectively. Scattering of graves might be hindered utilization of the mountainous area. Out of the total gravesite, about 60% was situated on the areas of 30-60% slopes, and the occupation extent in average was about $89m^2$ per grave which was wider than that of the national average $52m^2$. The soils occupied by gravas ware characterizod by having recommendable properties about 73% for grassland, about 17% for woodland and 8% for orchards.