Utilization of Fly Ash as a Source of Mineral Fertilizers -I. Mineralogical Characteristics

Fly ash 비료화(肥料化) 연구(硏究) -I. Fly ash의 광물학적(鑛物學的) 특성(特性)

  • Published : 1987.12.30


This study was conducted to examine mineralogical aspects on anthractite and bituminous coal-fired power-plant ashes as a source of mineral fertilizer. Fly ashes contain dominant amounts of silica and alumina and considerable quantitites of potassium and boron. However, potassium and silica present in unavailable forms for plant growth. X-ray, DTA, and IR analysis of ash particles indicated the formation of new mineral, mullite with shape of which were spherical in the surface morphologies of SEM. Detailed SEM investigation showed the presence of imbedded blocky shape silicate material.