Effect of pH, Temperature, and added Sucrose on the Production of Vitamin $B_{12}$ and Riboflavin by Bacillus megaterium and Enterobacter aerogenes

온도, pH 및 첨가된 Sucrose가 Bacillus megaterium 과 Enterobacter aerogenes 에 의한 비타민 $B_{12}$ 와 Riboflavin 생산에 미치는 영향

  • Chung, Hee-Jong (Department of Food Science & Technology, Chonnam National University) ;
  • Marion L. Fields
  • Published : 1987.04.01


Optimal pH temperature and sucrose content for the production of vitamin B$_{12}$ and riboflavin by Bacillus megaterium and Enterobacter aerogenes was studied by microbiological analysis. Optimal pH for the production of B$_{12}$ was 6.0 by B. megaterium while the pH for E. aerogenes was 5.0. However, upon the addition of sucrose the optimal pH for B. megaterium shifted to 7.5 but E. aerogenes remained at pH 5.0. In the absence of sucrose, pH did not influence the yields of riboflavin produced by either bacterium. Addition of sucrose stimulated synthesis of riboflavin by both bacteria. Temperature had little effect on the production of vitamins by either bacterium.