Large Scale Alcohol Fermentation with Cassava Slices at tow Temperature

Cassava 전분의 저온 증자에 의한 공업적 규모의 알코올 발효

  • Ryu, Beung-Ho (College of Engineering, Pusan Sanub University) ;
  • Nam, Ki-Du
  • Published : 1987.04.01


The conventional alcohol fermentation method requires a large amount of energy for cooking the starchy raw materials prior to saccharification. The aim of this study was to compare the possibility of large scale alcohol fermentation from cassava slices were compared in low and high temperature cooking systems. The same amount of saccharifying and liquefying enzymes were used for cooking at low and high temperature. At low temperature cooking, conversion of glucose consumed in fermented mash to alcohol was 0.468g alcohol per g glucose of which was higher yield than that obtained at high temperature.


LTC;HTC;acid tolerant amylase;acidic saccharification