A Comparative Study on the 1-D and 3-D Load Follow Analysis Methods of Light Water Reactor

경수로의 부하추종 운전에 대한 1차원 및 3차원 해석방법의 비교 연구

  • Published : 1987.03.01


This work concerns with a comparison of the 1-dimensional (or 1-D) load follow analysis method with reference to the detailed 3-dimensional (or 3-D) computations. For this purpose a 1-D two-group finite difference code, HLOFO, and a 3-D coarse-mesh code based on the modified Borresen's method, CMSNAC, are developed. The CMSNAC code is used to obtain the 3-D power peaks and reactivity parameters in response to power swing from 100 to 50 and back to 100% in the 12-3-6-3 load cycle for the BOL of the KORI Unit 1 PWR core. The 3-D result is then compared with the 1-D HLOFO computations, the cross section and buckling inputs of which are obtained by combining the flux-volume weighting scheme with the approximate flux from the auxiliary 3-D computations. It is shown that the 1-D computation has a limited accuracy, yet it is confirmed that it can describe the core axial average behavior which is fairly consistent with the detailed 3-D computation.