A Study on Uncertainty and Sensitivity of Operational and Modelling Parameters for Feedwater Line Break Analysis

급수관 파열사고 해석에 대한 운전변수와 모형변수의 불확실성 및 민감도 연구

  • Published : 1987.03.01


Uncertainty analysis of the FLB accident is performed for KNU-1 using the response surface methodology and Monte Carlo simulation. The FLB analyses using the RELAP4/Mod6 were performed a number of times to generate the data base for the uncertainty analysis, along with the EM calculation for comparison purpose. Two kinds of input sets are utilized for response surface method to investigate and compare the effects of the uncertainty of input variables on the RCS peak pressure following a FLB. The first set is composed of six major plant operational parameters and the second set is composed of five major modelling parameters. It is found through the analysis of results that the uncertainties of modelling parameters have more influence on the RCS peak pressure than the uncertainties of plant operational parameters and that the extra margin of 9% of peak pressure is gained. And one of the assumptions of EM calculation, which is usually accepted as conservative is found to be erroneous, that is, the initial core inlet temperature is found to act negatively on the RCS pressure following a FLB.