Study on the Quality of Whoie Crop Silage and Yield by Stage of Maturity of Rye Plant II. Quality of whole crop rye silage by stage of maturity

호맥의 생육시기별 수량과 Whole crop silage의 품질에 관한 연구 II. 호맥의 생육시기별 Silage의 품질

  • Published : 1987.09.01


With a purpose of evaluation rye crop as winter green feed, a cultivar was sown in autumn and harvested at booting, heading, milk, dough and yellow-ripe stages, and processed into silage. The quality of the silage was assessed in terms of ammonia-N, recovery rate in dry matter, pH, and the composition of organic acids. The results obtained are: 1. The recovery rate in dry matter from the silage was the highest when harvested at yellow stage (P<0.01). The ratio of ammonia-N to total-N was low when the rye crop was harvested during milk (9.4%) and dough ( 12.7%) stages (P$NH_3-N$. 3. Silage quality based on the composition of organic acids was highly evaluated when the crop was harvested during milk, and dough stages. 4. Considering both the DM yield and quality of the silage, it was found that rye crop should be harvested at dough stage and ensiled.