Response of File Fish to the Attraction Lamp

유도등에 대한 말쥐치의 반응

  • Published : 1987.12.01


The response of file Navodon modestus (GUNTHER) to attraction lamps in line and an adaptation lamp was carried out in the experimental water tank (550L$\times$58W$\times$73H cm). The rate of attraction was investigated in accordance with the intervals of time lighted on and off (1, 5, 10 minute), the intensities of adaptation lamp (1, 10, 20 W) and the two conditions of light stimulus which were the movement of lighted zone (NORMAL) and decrement of lighted zone (NEGA). The results are as follows: 1. Under Normal condition, the variation coefficients which show variation of attraction rate according to the time intervals and the intensities of adaptation lamps were 16.78% (1 min.), 9.71% (5 min.), 8.96% (10 min.), 9.71% (1 W), 15.00% (10W) and 21.08% (20 W) respectively, and attraction rates of the last section was 80.0% (1 min.), 86.0% (5 min.), 85.0% (10 mim.), 86.0% (1 W), 78.7% (10W) and 72.7% (20 W) respectively. 2. Under Nega condition, the file fish was almost distributed all in the illuminated sections, and the majority of the distribution section was adjacent to the extinguished section regardless of the time intervals and the adaptation lamps. 3. Under Nega condition, the variations of attraction rate in the last section became L type, and the attraction rates, when the rest except for the last attraction lamp was extinguished, were 96.7% (1 min.), 100% (5 min.), 96.0% (10 mim.), 100% (1 W), 100% (10W) and 88.0% (20 W) respectively.