Elasticity of the Funnel Ribs and Hydrodynamic Characteristics on the Sea Eel Pots

장어통발의 깔대기 탄성과 유체역학적 특성

  • Published : 1987.12.01


The basic experiments on the plastic sea eel pots used in fishing were carried out in order to investigate the elasticity of the funnel ribs, hydrodynamic resistance, sinking time and diffusion of the bait from June to October, 1987. The elasticity of the bamboo funnel ribs was higher than that of the polypropylene ribs up to the load 150g. The hydrodynamic resistance R (kg) of the pots towing to the head direction horizontally in relation to towing velocity V (m/sec) was expressed as following formula; R=0.36V super(2.01) and coefficient of drag C sub(D) was 0.52. The sinking times of the covered pots by tape fully or partially were late 1-2 second than the typical pots within the water depth 7.5m. The diffusion tendency through the covered pots using dye and sardine extracts solution was concentrated to the entrance more than the typical pots. However, fishing efficiency as number and weight of fish per pots for nine times fishing operation was revealed no difference between the covered pots and the typical pots.