A Study on the Thrust Force of a Narrowly Spaced Disk Valve

좁은 틈새 원판 밸브의 추력에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1987.03.01


One of the important characteristics of a disk valve is the thrust force. This thrust force has close relationship to the clearance between valve and valve seat in the disk valve. When the clearance is very small, it is very important to analyze the thrust force. This paper deals with the variation of the thrust force by comparing the experimental ed results and theoretical results in accordance with d the valve clearance. In case of the theoretical problems, the pressure gradient of the radial flow in a narrowly spaced disks was calculated by Sui Lin and Pai-Mow Lee already. Therefore, the thrust force of the disk valve was computed by utilizing this pressure gradient in the radial flow. In the experiment, the hydraulic oil which has high viscosity was used. Making the comparative study of the calculated results and the experimental results, the characteristics of the thrust force in the disk valve were investigated. The results obtained are as follows: 1. When the disk valve clearance was comparatively small, the experimental values had fairly good agreement with the calculated values independently of inlet pressure and valve size. 2. When the disk valve size was constant in the wide range of the disk valve clearance, the lower the inlet pressure was, the better the agreement between the experimental values and the calculated values was. 3. In case of the small clearance, the thrust force was depended on the outer diameter of the disk valve. In opposite case the thrust force was constant as the disk valve size varied.