Telemetering of the Underwater Noise

수중소음의 원격측정

  • Published : 1987.03.01


This paper describes an availability of the teltmeter device made as a trial to measure the under-water noise, and the results of the test. This telemeter device adopts FM-FM system, and its main carrier wave is 146.2MHz. The trans-mission power is about 1w, and the available distance of transmission is 2.5KM. The timer built in the telemeter device controls transmission time and pause time automatically by the R-C time-constant. The former is 30-32 seconds and the latter is 10-12 seconds. The underwater noise in the set net fishing ground and at the breeding tank was measured, and recorded simultaneously on land and at sea with the telemeter device. When the input voltages of the transmitter is 100-300mV, the value of telemetering ambient noise and bio-acoustic underwater noise well agreed with that of the direct measurement. And the teleme-tered underwater noise decreases in proportion the distance between the transmitter and receiver.