Study on the Midwater Trawl Available in the Korean Waters - IV

한국 근해에 있어서의 중층트로올의 연구 - IV

  • Published : 1987.03.01


The authors carried out an experiment to measure the hydrodynamic resistance of the gear and the efficiency of otter board of the midwater trawl, which is the same used in the former experiment in this series of studies. The whole resistance of the gear was measured by a 10 ton scale recording tension meter, and they were analyzed into the shearing force and the drag with relevant factors determined in the former experiments. The results obtained can be summarized as follows: 1. The whole drag of gear T(kg) and the drag of net R sub(N) (kg) can be expressed as T=2.15 v super(1.12). R sub(N)=1.96 v super(1.01) (v: towing speed in m/sec) 2. The formula of estimating the drag of net deduced by Koyama's method can be expressed as R sub(N)=4.3$\times$d/l$\times$abv 3. The shearing force and the drag of otter board is about 19 to 22% and 5 to 7% of the drag of net, respectively. Whereas, the shearing coefficient and the drag coefficient calculated by the resistance and the opening of gear are 1.5 and 0.42, respectively.