Effects of Erythrosine on Murine Immune Functions and Methemoglobin Formation

식품 첨가물의 면역독성 및 혈액독성 - Erythrosine이 마우스의 면역기능과 Methemoglobin형성에 미치는 영향 -

  • 황미경 (이화여자대학교 약학대학) ;
  • 윤혜정 (이화여자대학교 약학대학) ;
  • 유충규 (이화여자대학교 약학대학) ;
  • 문창규 (서울대학교 약학대학)
  • Published : 1987.12.01


Erythrosine used as a colouring agent in drugs, cosmetics and foods in Korea, was examined for its effects on murine immune system and methemoglobin formation. As immunotoxicologic assay parameters, we adopted circulating leukocytes and immunoorgan weights for pathotoxicology, IgM plaque forming cells and arthus reaction for humoral immunity, delayed hypersensitivity reaction of cell mediated immunity and carbon clearacnce for macrophage function. Erythrosine's effects were observed as follows; 1. Ery throsine showed no significant effects on circulating leulocyte counts and relative immunoorgan weight. 2. Erythrosine diminished IgM plaque forming cells. 3. Erythrosine decreased arthus reaction, in the dose dependent manner. 4. Erythrosine had no significant effect on delayed hypersensitivity. 5. Phagocytic and corrected phagocytic index were not affected. 6. Methemoglobin content was similar in the test and control groups.