A Study on the Development of International Multimodal Transport System in Korea in Terms of Systems Approach

국제복합일관수송체제에 관한 고찰

  • Published : 1987.02.01


The transport a administration in Korea is meeting demands of developing international multimodal transport system. In the past, as Korea transport policy has been emphasizing on the passenger traffic, the physical distribution sector is far behind international trend. Regarding the urging necessities of reducting costs in transport in order to upgrade the competitive edge of industries, Korea has to develop the most efficient transport system so called international multimodal transport system. The existing transport system is inefficient because each transport mode is separate, so this system is aiming at reducing cost and time and developing freight transport. The scope and scheme of this thesis should be as following. Chapter 2. Systems Approach of International multimodal transport 1. general systems theory 2. definition of International multimodal transport system 3. MTO (multimodal transport operator) Chapter 3. Current Situation and Problems of this System. 1. international law and practice 2.current situation A. Europe B. U.S. C. Japan D. Korea Chapter 4. Policy Goal for Improving this System Chapter 5. conclusion.