Radiological Consequence of LOCA for a 900MWe French PWR

프랑스형 900 MWe PWR 에서 냉각재상실사고의 방사선학적 영향

  • Published : 1987.06.15


The amount of the radionuclide release to the environment during a LOCA and its radiological consequence are assessed, for a 900MWe French PWR which is similar to the KNU 9/10, according to RFS V.1.a, in which the source term has been revised more conservatively after the TMI accident. The assessed result shows that the whole body and thyroid doses at the site boundary(500m) for 2 hours after the release are 66 mrem and 13.5 rem, respectively, and are within the corresponding limits. It is expected, however, that the thyroid dose would exceed the limit if the fraction of the organic iodine is over 10% of the iodine inventory.