Radiation Shielding Analysis for the X-ray Facility

X-선 발생장치 시설의 방사선 차폐 해석

  • Published : 1987.06.15


Radiation shielding analysis for a 6MeV X-ray facility was carried out. The primary and leakage radiation for the facility can be evaluated based on the methodology in NCRP No. 49 and 51. The present study deals with radiation scattering analysis for the outside and inside door of the facility based on the albedo concept. The calculated dose rates were compared with the results of MORSE-CG code calculation and the measured data, resulting in a good agreement, even though there existed some deviation for the inside door. These results can be utilized to the radiation shielding design of the medical and industrial X and gamma ray facilities, and to the safety evaluation of these facilities.