Analysis of solar radiation and simulation of thermal environment in plastic greenhouse - I. Analysis of solar radiation in plastic greenhouse

플라스틱 온실(溫室)의 일사량분석(日射量分析)과 열적환경(熱的環境)의 시뮬레이션에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) - I. 플라스틱 온실(溫室)의 일사량분석(日射量分析)

  • Published : 1986.11.30


This study was carried out to analyze solar radiation in plastic greenhouse which is covered with polyethylene or polyvinyl chrolide film. A computer model for solar radiation analysis in the plastic greenhouse was developed and solar gain factors for E-W and N-S oriented plastic greenhouse in the greenhouse farming area during winter were investigated. Solar gain factors for E-W plastic greenhouse were 60 to 75 percent which were 10 to 15 percent higher than those for N-S plastic greenhouse from November to January. However, the values were apparently decreased in February and reversed in March, showing 3 to 5 percent higher in E-W plastic greenhouse. About 67 to 72 percent of the total solar radiation was attributed to the south-directed wall and roof for the E-W plastic greenhouse and about 30 percent through walls and 60 percent through roofs for the N-S plastic greenhouse.