Study on the development and application of slow releasing fertilizer using Korean natural clay minerals II. Synthesis and application of K-bentonite

점토광물을 이용한 완효성 비료(K비료)개발 및 응용에 관한 연구 II. 비료의 합성과 응용

  • Published : 1986.12.10


K-bentonite was made by ion exchange reaction in $K^{\ast}$ ion saturated aqueous solution. K-bentonite had a slow releasing effect in different soils such as sand, sandy loam and clayey loam, but the effect was the best in sand. The growth of radish and lettuce was better in the plot fertilized with K-bentonite than with KCl in sand culture in field condition. There was no effects on the growth of radish grown in pot in glass house. Vitamin C, nitrate content, thiocyanate ion content and dry weight of radish were not affected by K-bentonite and KCl in both pot and field culture. The commercial production of K-bentonite was discussed.