A Survey on the Heavy Metal Concentrations of Crop Materials Grown near Onsan Industrial Complex

온산공단(溫山工團) 주변 농작물(農作物)의 중금속(重金屬) 농도조사

  • Lee, Su-Rae (Department of Food & Nutrition, Ewha Woman's University) ;
  • Song, Ki-Joon (Korea Ginseng & Tobacco Research Institute)
  • 이서래 (이화여자대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 송기준 (한국인삼연초연구소 경작시험장)
  • Published : 1986.06.30


In order to evaluate the pollution potential of agricultural crops after the construction of Onsan Industrial Complex (non-ferrous metal refineries), concentrations of hazardous heavy metals were analyzed for crop samples (rice, barley, soybean, vegetables and fruits) grown near the Complex in 1978. Although a slight difference was found among the kinds, parts and growing regions of the crops, no definite tendency was observed. The mean/maximum concentrations of crop samples were 0.23/4.0ppm As, 0.4/1.2 ppm Cd, 4.88/12.7ppm Cu, 0.09/0.4 ppm Hg, 3.86/5.0 ppm Pb and 41.3/105 ppm Zn, which may serve as the natural background data for this region.