The Study of Field Survey for the Analysis of Occupational Accident Causes in Korean Construction Industry

건설산업재해 원인분석 조사연구

  • Published : 1986.11.01


This study was conducted to analyse the exact causes of occupational accidents in Korean construction industry and to contribute to the accident prevention programs. The results and conclusions of the field survey are as follows : 1) The accidents caused by hazardous conditions are 96 percent, and those by unsafe acts are 97.3 percent. The accidents caused simultaneously by two categories are nore than 96 percent. 2) The injured workers who were employed less than 3 months are 71.1 percent. Safety training for newly recruited workers should be required. 3) More than 40 percent of all accidents were occurred in the morning and more than 30 percent were in summer. Required caution should be paid for the time and season. 4) Fracture, cut/laceration/puncture and multiple injuries in the lower extremeties, upper entremeties and head as well as many kinds of injuries by the fall from elevation mainly occurred. Safety. shoes, safety gloves, safety helmets, safety glasses, face shields and safity belts should be used 5) As the sources of injuries, each of building/structure and materials is one third of all sources, and machinery is a quarter. 6) The use of hazardous methods/procedures, defects of agencies and inadequate guarding of builing/structure, materials' and machinery mainly caused the accident types, such as s truck by, struck against, fall from elevation, and fall on same level. Such a hazardous conditiion should not be used and be correctet 7) The unsafe acts, such as improper use of hands or body parts, the operation or working at unsafe speed and improper use of equipment mainly caused accidents. Safety training for the control of such a unsafe acts should be strengthened.