The Relationship between Hydrogenase and Nitrogenase for Hydrogen Evolution in Rhodopseudomonas sp. KCTC 1437

Rhodopseudomonas sp. KCTC 1437의 수소생성에 있어서의 Hydrogenase와 Nitrogenase의 관계

  • Seol, Won-Gi (Microbial Resources Lab. Genetic Engineering Research Center KAIST) ;
  • Kho, Yung-Hee (Microbial Resources Lab. Genetic Engineering Research Center KAIST)
  • Published : 1986.10.01


Both hydrogenase and nitrogenase were found to be involved in hydrogen evolution independently in Rhodopseudomonas sp. KCTC 1437. The hydrogen formation in this bacterium was independent on light illumination and presence of N $H_4^{+}$ After establishment of conditions to measure the amount of hydrogen evolved by each of the enzymes in vivo, the several factors affecting on the hydrogen evolution, e.g. presence of gases ( $C_2$ $H_2$, $H_2$, $O_2$ or $N_2$), C/N ratio, were investigated, Hydrogenase was less inhibited than nitrogenase under $O_2$ and was active independent on the presence of $N_2$ or $C_2$ $H_2$ which were the strong inhibitor of nitrogenase. Besides, the hydrogenase activity was increased after incubation with $H_2$. And it was verified that this bacterium consume hydrogen and photoreduce $CO_2$ by hydrogenase. From above results, it is concluded that hydrogenase in Rhodopseudomonas sp. KCTC 1437 can produce hydrogen under more favorable condition that nitrogenase.e.


hydrogenase;nitrogenase;hydrogen production