Factors affecting sisomicin production by Micromonospora inyoensis

Micromonospora inyoensis에 의한 시소마이신 생산에 영향을 미치는 인자들

  • Lee, Jae-Heung (R&D Center, Cheil Sugar & Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Gil, Gwang-Hoon (R&D Center, Cheil Sugar & Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Cho, Young-Je (R&D Center, Cheil Sugar & Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Yoo, Moo-Young (R&D Center, Cheil Sugar & Co., Ltd.)
  • Published : 1986.10.01


The effects of cobalt chloride, methionine, and various carbon sources on the sisomicin production by M. inyoensis NRRL 3292 were investigated. It was found that both cobalt chloride and methionine exerted a greater stimulatory effect on sisomicin formation. Kinetic studies with various carbon sources revealed thai polysaccharide such as starch or dextrin was found io be better than glucose for sisomicin production Moreover, the relatively low concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide was one of the most important factors In accelerating sisomicin production during idiophase.


Sisomicin;Micromonospora inyoensis;dissolved carbondioxide;idiophase