Genetic and Morphological Variation of the Genus Liobagrus in Korea

한국산 퉁가리속 어류의 유전 및 형태적 변이에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1986.12.01


Genetic and morphological variation among seven populations of two species of the genus Liobagrus that had been collected from six separate river systems in Korea were analyzed by means of starch electrophoreiss and discriminant function analysis . The degree of genic variation among three population of L.andersoni was P=21.3%, H=0.068 , and that of four population of L.mediadiposalis was P=16.3%, H=0.560. Rogers' gentic similarity coefficient (S) of L.andersoni and L.mediadiposalis were S=0.592 , S=0.675 respectively. In morphometric characters of L. andersoni, the population from Kum River was distinctly different from other conspecific populations.