Classification , Distribution and Geographic Variation of Two Species of the Genus Moroco in Korea

한국산 버들치속(Genus Moroco) 어류 2 종의 분류.분포 및 지리적 변이에 관하여

  • Published : 1986.06.01


Two species of Moroco oxycephalus and M. lagowskii were studied to examine patterns of genic variation and morphological difference within and between populations of two species, and to clarify their taxonomic status and geographic distribution. The number of scales above lateral line(SAL) was the key character to classify these species. On the average, M.lagowskii had 22 or more SAL whereas M.oxycephalus had 20 or less. Previously known character of the position of dorsal fin was found to be not appropriate to distinguish them. Five loci, Gp, st-1, Est-2, Est-3 and Got-1 , showed fixed difference electrophoretically between two species and these could be used as genetic markers to identify them. The degree of genic variation of M. oxycephalus was four fold higher(H=0.032) than that of M. lagowskii(H=0.008) but both species were far less than the average genic variation of freshwater fish in general. Rogers' genetic similarity coefficients between two species were S=0.692 and their presumed divergent time was estimated to be sbout 1.8million years ageo. Detailed survey of the geographic distribution of thses revealed that M.lagowskii was distributed in northeastern part of South Korea(Ganseong , Gangreung, Wangsan, and Oggye) and M. oxycephalus was occupied rest of the peninsula. The distrance between Oggye, the southern limit of M. lagowskii distribution , and Samwha (near Samcheog), the northern limit of M.oxycephalus, was aobut 15 Km apart and no symparty was found in between.