Determination of Amino Acid in Alcoholic Beverage

市販 酒類中의 Amino Acid의 정량

  • Published : 1986.04.01


The contents of amino acid in alcoholic beverage-Cheongju, Beer, Makguli, grapewine were analyzed. Cheongju and Makguli were filtered with membrane filter paper. Beer and grapewine were also filtered after treatment with 5-Sulfosalicylic acid. Sample were analyzed by Amino Acid Analyzer (Hitach KLA-5). The results were as follow: 1. The kinds of Amino Acid in Cheongju were 18, those of Beer were 17, Makguli 15, and grape wine 10. 2. The total amino acid in Cheongju was 54.0295 mg, Beer was 16.7172mg, Makguli was 12.3833 mg and grape wine was 4.1480 mg in 100 ml volume.