Fundamental Studies on the Migrating Course of Fish Around the Set Net - Enviremental Conditions of fishing Ground -

정치망어장의 어도 형성에 관한 기초연구 ( 1 ) - 어장환경 요인 -

  • Lee, Ju-Hee ;
  • Lee, Byoung-Gee ;
  • Youm, Mal-Gu
  • 이주희 ;
  • 염말구 ;
  • 이병기
  • Published : 1986.09.01


This is a basic study of further investigating the effect of oceanographic conditons, such as bottom profile, currents, and temperature, to the fish migrating course around the set-net. The survey was held at Dojang Po, southern part of Geoje Island, from July to October in 1985. There was a sea valley of which depth was 20 to 40 meters around the set-net. Near the bottom of that sea valley, there was different current pattern to the upper layer. In the sea calm condition of July and October, the vertical profiles of current and water temperature were simple. But in rough condition of September, they were complicated because of wind tuburance.