A Study on the Estimation of Hull Form Coefficient of Slamming Impact Pressure

슬래밍 충격 압력 계산을 위한 선수선저의 형상계수 추정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1986.06.01


On the slamming analysis of ship design the data for the impact pressure acted on the forward bottom of a ship are needed. Furthermore impact pressure is given by the function of both the hull form coefficient and relative velocity. In this papper. a simplified method to estimate hull form coefficient by perso;,al computer (p. c.) is studied. This numerical analysis was applied to the model of the Mariner type. and then the result by the p. c. was compared with that by IBM 7090 computer. Main results obtained are as follows: 1. The result by the developed p. c. method had fairly good agreement with that by conventional large computer (IBM 7090) within 2% error. 2. This developed method' by p. c. may be applied to the initial estimation of the K-value because of the close agreement between the ship lines by the results of p. c. and that of input.