The Optimum Operating Condition for Reduction of Fuel Consumption -In the Case of Training Ship Pusan 402-

연료 절감을 위한 최적운전 조건 -신습선 부산 402호의경우-

  • Published : 1986.03.01


This paper aims at finding out the optimum operating condition to reduce fuel consumption for the training ship Pusan 402 with controllable pitch propeller. For this purpose, this paper examints the variation of ship speed and fuel consumption in accordance with the change of engine revolution and propeller pitch. The results obtained are as follows: 1. When engine revolution is constant, the ship speed sluggishly increases according to the increase of propeller pitch but fuel consumption extremely increases. The higher revolution the engine is, the more remarkable this tendency is. 2. As the engine revolution becomes lower, the fuel consumption per mile decreases. = the fuel consumption under the same engine revolution differs according to the propeller pitch. 3. Specific fuel consumption is uniformed about 180g/ps.h at any case of load. 4. Among the various operating conditions which yield the same ship speed, fuel consumption lowers in the case of lower engine revolution and larger propeller pitch.