Schooling Behavior and Estimation of the Fish School in Set Net by Fish Finder

어군탐지기에 의한 정치망내의 어군의 행동과 어군량 추정

  • Published : 1986.03.01


Schooling behavier to a fishing gear and estimation of the volume of fish school in set net have ~ been studied by making use of such techniques as visual observations, underwater cameras, under- water televison. However, all of these observation techniques are subject to restrictions caused by illumination, underwater visibility, underwater transparent and sea conditions. For the above mentioned reasoa, one of the most effective method by this time become generally known a method using fish finder. In this paper, in order to control the fishing ground of set net effectively and to develope the telemetric fish finder, the experiments for the target strength, underwater shape of fishing gear, schooling behavier and volume of fish school with fish finder were performed at Galgott fishing ground of set net located Keouje Island, 15th-24th July and 18th-20th October in 1985. The results of these experiment showed that a method using fish finder in fishing grOlllld of set net is available for estimating distribution and school size, fish behavier in relation to a fishing gear and underwater shape of fishing gears.