The effect of dibutyryl cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate on induction of malonate kinase and isocitrate lyase in acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Acinetobacter calcoaceticus에서 malonate kinase와 isocitrate lyase 유도에 대한 dibutyryl cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate의 영향

  • 김성준 (연세대학교 이과대학 생화학과) ;
  • 박영일 (연세대학교 이과대학 생화학과) ;
  • 김유삼 (연세대학교 이과대학 생화학과)
  • Published : 1986.06.01


Malonate kinase and isocitrate lyase were induced in Acinetobacter calcoaceticus grown on malonate as a sole carbon source but repressed by succinate. The induction of those two enzymes was stimulated by dibutyryl cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate, indicating that the expression of their genes for those enzymes is dependent on cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate.


Malonate kinase;lsocitrate lyase;cAMP