A new Type of the Doma (Cutting Board) for Kimchi

김치용 도마의 새로운 형태

  • Kim, Joong-Man (Department of Agri. Chemistry, College of Agriculture Wonkwang University)
  • 김중만 (원광대학교 농과대학 농화학과)
  • Published : 1986.09.30


The doma (cutting board) is an essential kitchen utensil. The general doma used at present is not sultable for cutting kimchi-like juicy foods, because It is a nat flat structure. Kimchi juice contains vitamins, organle acids, and lactic acid bacteria, and inhibits Oxidation of flavor of kimchi. In addition, if the juice flows down on the doma during cutting the doma work-table and kimchi bottom is contaminated. In this studies a new type of doma for kimchi. was made in order to minimize the Juice Iou during cutting. This new one baa a two-dimensional function of low due to length slope face and slanted gutter of width. No this new type has been developed worldwide, as far as the present writer is aware. The new one has various effectivenesses: minimixing loss of kimchi juice and contamination of doma work-table and kitchen bottom by kimchi juice, saving water and time to water contaminated cutting board, work-table and diahtowel (hangju). preventing round from falling down frorr doma duing cutting, decreasing damage of cutting the user's finger, cutting by the fixed size and shape. Draining and drying is easy and it is convenient to cut all juicy food.